TivaWater Filter 2.0

TivaWater Filter 2.0

What is your plan in case of a water emergency in the United States? Are you certain your water filter will not clog up from sediment? Can you really store enough bottled water to ride out the storm? Is it worth a $100 investment to insure water security for your family?

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The TivaWater Filter is an easy to use, low maintenance water treatment product that could be a valuable device for your home in the United States under emergency water circumstances. Users can pour up to 30 liters of surface or ground water through the filter everyday to produce water that is effective for drinking, personal hygiene and sanitation.  Experience and research tell us that TivaWater is the best water filter in the world because of the patented design that prevents clogging so often seen in every other emergency filter.

Improving upon proven and tested slow sand filtration technology, the TivaWater filter was initially developed to provide safe water for families in the developing world where nearly one billion lack access to clean water.  We estimate that up to 100,000 people in Africa, Guatemala, and Haiti are drinking clean water from the tap of a TivaWater filter on a daily basis.
  • User friendly, portable, point-of-use filter.
  • Setup in just minutes.  Pour water into the top and let gravity fill the clean water reservoir.
  • Durable design that should last for over ten years with daily use.
  • Safe water stored and protected in the clean water reservoir and easily accessed by convenient tap.
  • If you are using water with heavy sediment, our patented filter tray(s) can be easily removed and rinsed as needed to prevent the filter from clogging.
  • Useful for water sources such as rivers, streams, lakes, rain water, grey water and springs.
    Performance Claims
    The TivaWater filter is designed for daily use with water that is contaminated with harmful bacteria, protozoa, parasites, and viruses. TivaWater removes up to 99.6% of bacteria without adding any chemicals to provide an effective emergency water solution in the United States. If desired, adding only a 1/2 teaspoon of 5.25% chlorine (household bleach) with 10 liters of filtered water will meet CDC recommendations. Remember, a typical municipal water system in most developed countries will add chlorine to your drinking water.

    Because we cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness, the TivaWater filter is not approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for drinking water in the U.S.  Nevertheless, our filtering technology has been used for many years and has provided safe drinking water for thousands of homes around the world.


    $ 100.00